Museum project

Our application for tenure over Crown Land, where we hope to build the Inverloch Historical & Maritime Museum, is progressing in consultation with Bass Coast Shire. There will be many hurdles to cross along the way to our goal.

Artistic impression of proposed History & Maritime Museum, play ground, sculpture park and rest area for the general public to enjoy and to be a permanent headquarters for Inverloch Historical Society.
A block of land next to the Inverloch Boat Ramp could be used to house an Inverloch Historical and Maritime Museum. From left, Inverloch Historical Society members Ray Burtt, Terry Hall and John Hutchinson. (Image c/o South Gippsland Sentinel Times)

The picture and map below show the potential building location – the grassed area (a greenfield site) between the trees and the bitumen car and boat parking area on The Esplanade.

Map depicting the target site for a museum (not to scale)
Vacant Crown Land adjacent to the jetty car & boat parking area on The Esplanade. The area is currently available for overflow parking during peak periods.

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