Online books

A number of books on Inverloch History have been published over the years.

For the first time, a selection of these paper books are now available here online as web-pages (& also eBooks in the future).

The Society has undertake this project to expand the availability of these  publications to a wider audience to inform, educate  & encourage those with an interest in Inverloch’s history.

These books are presented here with permission. A lot of hard work has gone into these publications by the authors, editors & publishers. They rightfully maintain copyright on their work & are hereby recognised for it. All rights reserved.

1) Inverloch: A patchwork of historical stories

Stories & notes collected by Mrs. E.P. Brewster of Inverloch and originally published in the Inverloch Community Newsletter which was published monthly at Inverloch.

2) Inverloch: Scotland & Pommy Land – The Wonthaggi Connection

The story of the development of a small section of Inverloch over a period of 75 years as told by the participants.

3) Murder in Inverloch – The Sodeman  Murders

New Year’s Day 1935 , a young girl was brutally murdered at Inverloch by a serial killer, an event which shocked the residents and holiday makers of this quiet and peaceful township. 

The following books require a password to access:

4) A short history of Inverloch

History of Inverloch on Anderson’s  Inlet

5) World War 1 Diary of William Campbell Young

In 1999, the 80th Anniversary Year of Armistice Day, we have been given the opportunity of reading a first hand account of one soldier’s experiences in the First World War.

6) The Magnat – Wreck Site

The Gippsland coast has proved to be a very dangerous section of Bass Strait and many wrecks have occurred in this area over the years. The “Magnat” entered Bass Strait on the 8th May 1900 when she encountered a heavy gale. King Island was passed at noon when a new course was set; at midnight land was sighted and breakers were heard, and the crew realised that they were off course but could not get the “Magnat to change course and she went ashore at 2 am on Tarwin Beach west of Cape Liptrap.