Newsletter #223, May 2017


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Large photo prints


We have just received 16 large canvas prints (30″ x 20”) of selected historical photos from our collection showing the life of lnverloch over the past 120 years. They are exciting to look at, and are a strong reminder of the work and play of our pioneers. the changes in A’Beckett Street and along the foreshore.  These magnificent  prints will be on display at the exhibition in a prominent position. We have also put together a delightful collection of memorabilia of Pine Lodge, including old photos. original sign boards, Cal Wyeth’s World War 2 Temporary Policemen’s hat and his badge. Some old games from the 1930‘s & 1940’s will bring back many memories. There are also some ‘oddities’, and we’d like to know what the are !


Guest Speaker – Alex Reardon

Alex is an artist and graphic designer who now lives in Inverloch, He gave a fascinating talk about his own life. interestingly tailing us he was born in
Liverpool in England As a young man he ventured into the famous pop ”musical den’s” of Liverpool there to see and hear The Beatles (or The Quarrymen as they were originally known). With a young family he was a ten pound ‘Pom’ and came to Australia on the very last ship used for migration “hr
Southem Cross). His graphic skills earned him advantages whilst on board. but on landing at Sydney a shock awaited Alex and his family. when transported to a classic Migrant Hostel, formed of old Army and Nissan huts, where any privacy was a rarity. He eventually built up his own private business in Sydney with his artistic and graphic skills. and at one point worked with the famous Australian architect (mother migrant!) – one Harry Seidler Alex brought numerous examples of his works and to the delight of the Society, rounded off his talk by donating a framed print showing an old bright orange tram in the
City The Society has been fortunate to hear Alex’s story. and we wish him well for his future in lnverloch.