Newsletter #218, October 2016

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Notes from the Committee

The Committee discussed the forward planning required for the Inverloch Historical Society’s 21st Birthday Exhibition at the “Hub” in June 2017. The aims of the Exhibition are as follows.

To produce an exhibition as professionally as we can considering (i) Costs involved (ii) How much we will exhibit (iii) What will we exhibit after investigating what we have collected during the past 20 years. (b) To demonstrate a positive view of the Society in the general Inverloch community. (c) To further our chief aim of finding a permanent “home” for the Society.

A number of other important issues were discussed including the need for members to be practically involved in preparations and staffing the Exhibition, and what materials such as display cabinets and display boards will be required to show our various exhibits.

The book entitled “INVERLOCH – A PLACE OF GREAT BEAUTY – TODAY & YESTERDAY” has been written by John Hutchinson. Shortly, funds will be required to set the initial process going. This cost includes a mock up of the book, complete with graphic layout including the photos. We have received quotes recently for various quantities of the publication.

Secretary Graham and President John went to Ballarat a few weeks ago to attend the Public Records Office Workshop on Digitisation.

We have received quotes from two companies regarding the purchase of our new public address system and recording unit. A decision will be made soon.

We have received an invitation from Inverloch R.S.L. to attend the Remembrance Day 2016 Service on Wednesday 11th of November at the Inverloch War Memorial. The Service will commence at 10:45am and a wreath will be laid on behalf of Inverloch Historical Society. A light luncheon will be served after the Service at the R.S.L Hall.


On the 25th of September 2016, we were saddened to learn that our member Joan Horder had passed away. Joan was farewelled at a Service held at the Inverloch R.S.L. on Thursday 6th of October. She was remembered by her family as a loved and loving mother and grandmother, and there were lots of very precious memories. Her granddaughter thanked the people of Inverloch for making Joan so welcome when she moved to Inverloch from New South Wales. Joan enjoyed trips away with the Probus Club, and her involvement with the Inverloch Historical Society. Jan Millington, Secretary of the R.S.L. Inverloch Sub- Branch, and on behalf of the Legacy Widows, mentioned that Joan was an active and generous member. Joan helped bring others to meetings and was a regular attendee. On Anzac and Remembrance Days she wore her late husband’s Medals with pride. On her birthday June 16th, she was very pleased to receive from her family, a replica of the newspaper published on that day in 1927. Joan was a loyal friend and will be sadly missed.

Guest Speaker

The Guest Speaker was Patrick Barry, Managing Director of first national Real Estate Southcoast. Patrick was introduced by Fleur Speed who conducted a very successful “Antiques Roadshow” type afternoon in November 2015. Fleur is now a member of staff at first national South Coast. Fleur is a mother and community worker, antique valuer and auctioneer, and is now working in Real estate. Patrick has worked as a Dairy farmer, Hotelier and now a Real estate Agent. Patrick told us that the current price trend is influenced by the fact that demand is higher than supply. Prior to 1996, there had been “booms and busts,” In 1994 there were plenty of properties but few purchases. However in 1995 there began 20 years of steady growth, which was an unusual phenomenon. It was caused by peoples’ ages, in particular the group known as “Baby Boomers”

Inverloch was a popular holiday destination, however, while still a great place for holidays, it is now a premium residential town on the Bass Coast, especially for young people. For example, Inverloch Primary School is larger than Wonthaggi North Primary School

Patrick mentioned some interesting facts regarding the Bass Coast Shire. The Holden Testing Ground at Lang Lang is to be enlarged, and is the biggest ratepayer. The Phillip Island Track is probably the second biggest. It is a major automobile centre which brings in much overseas money. Inverloch is one of the biggest towns on the Bass Coast, and its permanent population is less than 50%.

In replying to a number of questions, Patrick said that we don’t need big development in Inverloch as we have Wonthaggi only 10 Km away. When asked if it is worthwhile selling a home without an agent, he replied that an estate agent has more background knowledge regarding the situation. He considered that Inverloch has gone to a point where in the future, it will need a balanced output on planning to lessen the impact of steady growth. He gave an example of Noosa Heads where residents were offered the use of free bikes to move around, parking in the main shopping areas was halved, and people were encouraged to travel by bus. Following the growth in the Pakenham- Officer area, some of the larger schools from the inner city areas are buying large tracts of land to build new schools. Patrick noted that Australia’s wealth is largely about the family home. Also the most valuable industry in the community is banking, followed by real estate and then the building industry.

He concluded his talk by saying that an estate agent deals with a lot of people. There is a need to be durable, and to have empathy with clients. If you like people it is a good industry. President John thanked Patrick for his most interesting and informative talk today and for sharing his knowledge with our members. He also thanked Fleur for her contribution towards the talk.

Editor: Ian McBurnie