Newsletter #217, September 2016

(Note: This is a text excerpt only. Refer to the newsletter PDF for the complete newsletter including images)

At the August Annual General Meeting the following members were elected to the positions declared vacant. President: John Hutchinson. Vice President: Vern Burchett. Treasurer: Rosemary Hutchinson. Secretary: Graham Paterson. Committee: Bob Speed. Patsy Williams. Liz Catt. Ian McBurnie.

Notes from the General and Annual General Meetings, and the Committee.

The Community Radio Station based at Inverloch publicised our A.G.M. during the week prior, at no cost to the Society. We thank Community Radio for that publicity.

The Society received $7,245 from The Public Record Office Victoria as a grant for Local History preservation. It is to be used for purchasing equipment to digitise our records. On the 25th of August our Local Member for Bass, Brian Paynter presented the Award to President John and our Patron Eulalie Brewster at a small gathering of members next to the “Ripple” and the Rocket Shed.

Outgoing President Vern Burchett thanked all Committee members for their efforts during the years he was President. He said a fair bit has been achieved together with a lot of fun along the way. The Raffle held was successful with over $900 raised. He thanked Kevin and Robyn Allen for their help and support during the time they have been Committee members. Kevin has been Vice President, has set up the equipment and recorded guest speakers, and has been bus driver on our excursions, Robyn has been Minute Secretary, organiser of excursions, and organiser of our activities at the Christmas meetings. Vern wished them well as they move to Leongatha in September. He also thanked Ian McBurnie for producing the Newsletter, Bob Young for supplying historical information and artefacts, Shirley Burchett and helpers for preparing afternoon tea in the kitchen, Rachel Crichton for keeping records of attendance and all Committee members..

Eulalie Brewster, Brian Paynter, President John Hutchinson and our youngest member Sarah Paterson at the presentation of the notification regarding the Local History Grant.

“Inverloch, a Place of Beauty- Today and Yesterday.” This is the title of the book written by our President John Hutchinson. The book is progressing well and John has been in contact with a printer for a quotation for the cost of printing. It will be a colour production and will have about 150 pages. In the meantime we are seeking Sponsors to help us to finance the printing.

Vern Burchett

Our retiring President, has been active in that position throughout the Five years he has been leading our Society. I am very grateful to Vern who as Vice President, took over from me in 2011, when I had an illness which required treatment over many months. We have enjoyed his good humour and sense of fun at all times, and his “hands on approach” to the variety of activities the Society encounters each year. He is disappointed that we are still unable to find a home for our collection of historical items, however we will continue to try to achieve this goal in the near future. Also, many thanks to Vern and Shirley for their hospitality in having Committee meetings at their home. Special thanks to Shirley for preparing the delicious morning teas. We are pleased that Vern will continue to be on the Committee as Vice President as we enter our 21st year. Thank you Vern for all that you have achieved.

Guest Speaker

Bill Oneill began his talk by saying that his working life began in Inverloch. He also mentioned that he was a football player and recalled playing in a Reserves Grand Final. At the age of 16 he was living in the Korumburra area and began looking for work there. He rode his bike to a number of different places seeking work before obtaining a position with the Post Office as a linesman. When his employers received his Birth Extract of Entry they discovered he was 16, and not 18 as he had told them. They left him in doubt about his future for a couple of weeks before telling him that his job was safe because his work efforts were very good. He stayed in that job for nine years.

In 1968, Bill did some relief milking in the Krowera area. He was also Share farming, unfortunately it was a drought year and he almost had to give up milking.

He went from there to a different job involving truck deliveries which included one for Peters Ice Cream. Customers were not plentiful so he established a dry goods service. It was known as the South Gippsland Catering Supply, and was eventually sold in 2007 to Processed Food Distributors. A Shed was built for storage on the Industrial Estate at Korumburra. Bill said that the South Gippsland Shire was a great help at this stage. It was an interesting business to be in as it built up.

Bill believed that he had good people around who helped him to succeed, and there was a need to be hard working at all times. At one stage, at its peak, the business had 41 Staff members. Bill was thanked for his interesting talk and an appropriate presentation made to him in appreciation.

Editor: Ian McBurnie