Next Meeting – Venue changed

Wed 26th February 2pm @ Anglican Church Hall in The Crescent
( Note: Not at the usual RSL Hall due to RSL AGM)

It’s been a long break since our last meeting in November 2019 & it will be good to see you all. John has arranged some interesting speakers.

If you happen to see other I.H.S. members please pass on this information – we aim to contact members who do not have email or internet, but your assistance would be most welcome – just in case we miss anyone!

Eulalie Brewster OAM

We congratulate our valued & much loved Patron & Life Member Eulalie Brewster on being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the 2020 Australia Day Honours.

Eulalie Brewster OAM

Eulalie was honoured by the nation for service to the community of Inverloch in the fields of history, conservation, the environment, and for other community endeavours. Eulalie was a founder of Inverloch Historical Society and an active local historian for decades.

We are grateful for her immense contribution to our Society.

Rocket Man @ The Hub

A lifesize model of the Boxer Rocket & an operator is on display in the Information Centre at the Inverloch Community Hub.

The original rocket equipment was stored in the Rocket Shed (now restored & located on the Esplanade behind the Ripple Ketch replica) & was designed to be used for life saving rescues from stricken sea vessels.

The rope coiling mechanism to prevent tangles during launch is by itself a piece of ingenuity.

The model will be displayed until after Easter (mid April) 2020.

Historic Images

Over the past 18 months, Southern Bazaarof 13 A’Beckett Street, Inverloch have been helping us promote Inverloch’s past by selling a selection of our restored images as A2 sized Flat Prints.

Soon they will also be stocking our framed Canvas Prints & we sincerely thank them for their ongoing support.

Robyn Hogan of Southern Bazaar, accepting another batch of prints from Ray Burtt

The print is an image of the Inverloch stone seawall built back in 1934 with sustenance labour, commenced below St. Kilda Street and is part blue stone & part sandstone.

The wooden groynes were added to try and stop sand movement.

The photo was taken near Venus Street. Large trees in the top right of the picture on the far shoreline mark Beilby’s farm.

We are always looking for both new images and documents. Also new members to help us.

What’s with those gate posts?

The Pine Lodge gate posts

Sitting on seven acres at the comer of Ramsey Parade and Scarborough Street, Pine Lodge was built in 1930 and demolished in 1985. Almost everything about Pine Lodge was notable. If it still existed, it would be the prime historic building in Inverloch, yet its fame goes far beyond Bass Coast & Gippsland. The story of its origin, its structure, its architecture, the people who stayed there and the man who ran it, built it and during the Great Depression saw a vision for it, is the story of legendary quality, worthy of any notable Victorian inclusion.

More on the history of Pine Lodge…

Amazon Shipwreck at Inverloch in 1863

Site investigation undertaken at Inverloch Surf Beach during Nov — Dec 2018 by Heritage Victoria.

Dr Maddy McAllister has completed her report on this heritage project and provided the following copy to the Society.

Click here for more information…

The remains of the Amazon shipwreck at Inverloch are visible during very low tides.
(Source: Heritage Victoria)


Newsletter #248, February 2020

It has been a long period of time between our last 2019 Newsletter and General Meeting, and here we are approaching our first gatherings for 2020 …. and by the way, a happy and prosperous New Year to all.

There is much to celebrate and report…

Eualie Brewster OAM

Let us start by noting with acclamation a well earned celebration and honour for our Patron – Eulalie Perry Brewster – the Order of Australia. It is a significant award. It records for posterity that Eulalie has made a truly outstanding contribution in three areas – Historical, Environmental and with the Girl Guides, all recognized at the highest possible level – by Australians, and all achieved by her consistent, regular and devoted role as a very good ‘Aussie’ volunteer’. As Eulalie has said herself – “They’re important, they bring people together and help people understand their area better and learn how to help each other and make things better”.

Eulalie is a humble person, and has genuinely been shocked by receiving the award. In the Gippsland Sentinel Times she is quoted as saying – “You don’t do these jobs thinking you get a reward at the end of it or anything like that, you do it because you are just happy doing it”.

Well done Eulalie & congratulations from all our members!

Recent Exhibitions & Displays

Mary Mountain outside her shop in late 1920’s. We have a very similar photo to this one, but here we get a better idea as to what was in her shop window.

During the recent holiday season, the Society mounted two displays – a small one held at the Angling Club in early January for their Market Day, whilst the second one was a three day affair in the Stadium at the Hub for the Australia Day weekend. Both received considerable attention by the public, especially from the many Inverloch visitors, who learned quite a deal about their holiday town and some of the identities and pioneers who have made a significant contribution in its development.

Bill Ramsey’s delivery van. Who can tell us what make of van this is?

The Stadium exhibition gave the Society and the Amazon 1863 Project Inc. community group, the opportunity to work together. This was most encouraging, with our display cards and their actual historic items from the Amazon on display. Their Secretary Karyn Bugeja and Treasurer Jackie, enthusiastically fielded many questions from the public. Our cooperation is surely a hallmark for the future, as their aims and aspirations are identical to ours!

A special thanks to Harry Dunn & Lloyd Bennetts for their support at the Stadium.

Sitting opposite The Glade, the original Inlet Bistro and Bar. Part of the restaurant was retained in the new Inlet Hotel.

Acquiring Permanent Storage

Over the many years our storage of historic materials such as photos, maps and documents, along with numerous three dimensional items, have been stored in members private houses, garages and sheds.

This is simply not ideal, nor is it easy to categorize what we actually own. This position has gone on for many years and was becoming increasingly unsatisfactory.

At the November meeting the full membership decided to hire a commercial storage in Bear St., in Inverloch. Suitable arrangements have been made by the Secretary. It is a large space, which includes power, lighting and security, and already two large steel shelves have been purchased from Bunnings and erected.

Some materials have been moved, but there is a long way to go, and will require a lot of work from members over the many months to make some impression. We’ll keep all members posted on this most important development.

A’Beckett Street circa 1996. One can see how much the shopping centre of Inverloch has changed. The Esplanade pub and Ramseys building at the far end still remain.

The 2019 Annual Raffle

This raffle took place during the first two weeks of December, when, thanks to the many members who sat at the table in the shopping Arcade, over $1,500 was raised. I would also thank the members who donated the goods for the raffle. The Hamper was top quality and noticed by many people which encouraged them to buy our tickets. The raffle was drawn in the Arcade at Noon, with Kate of Inverloch being the lucky winner. Two other prizes were awarded – a set of six beautiful Australian bird prints, fully framed and donated by member Ray Burtt, and a large superbly sewn coloured material bag with many pockets from member Eileen Henderson. All prizes were hand delivered, and were duly appreciated.

Picture Sales

Our sales are progressing very well through the cooperation of local store ‘Southern Bazaar’ in A’Beckett St., where both A2 size prints and large canvas prints are available. A catalogue is available at the shop for selecting the right picture & also available at the Information Centre in the Hub. A more detailed listing of what the Society has is seen by examining the our website.

These exclusive prints brings individuality to any home, as local pictures and artwork are always visually attractive and an interesting talking point. Our prints come with an extra clarity quality supplied by the caring work of our valued member Ray Burtt.

Donation of a boat!

With Inverloch’s maritime history, it is appropriate that we now own a boat – a 13′ Clinker – a fully wooden boat built in the old tradition. Its age is at least 60+ years old. It is in what one might call a ‘raw state’. It is unpainted, although sighting of its original light blue colour is evident here and there. As to what kind of wood it is constructed, well that’s a mystery, but we are hoping that some expert can tell us more about it. The boat was donated by member Bob Speed, where it sat in his shed for many years. We are delighted with it, and thank Bob sincerely for his unusual donation.

Our Next General Meeting

Wednesday 26th. Our guest speakers will be Karyn & Jackie from the new community group wishing to preserve the Amazon – AMAZON 1863 PROJECT INC.

Guest Speakers

It is always a regular monthly problem to find a guest speaker for our meetings. Many members have contacts and interests that could possibly help us, and it is this context that I ask all members to help us. So you can put our potential guest speakers mind nice and easy, please note that they can speak before our meeting business – if that is suitable to them. Further, there is no need to stand when you speak. Our guest speaker may find it easier and far more comfortable to be seated. Finally, if they think their voice is not loud enough or too soft, then remember that we have a very good sound system with microphones that can let us hear them. Tell them we are good company, followed by splendid cups of tea and coffee!

Please contact me on 5674 6159 sometime after six o’clock in the evening.

John Hutchinson (President)


Next Meeting

Wed 26th February 2020, 2-4pm @ Anglican Church Hall in The Crescent
( Note: Not at the usual RSL Hall due to their own AGM)

Wed 25th March 2020, 2-4pm @ Inverloch RSL Hall

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