The Amazon Shipwreck

The remains of the Amazon shipwreck at Inverloch are visible during very low tides.
(Source: Heritage Victoria)

Maritime archaeologists have been in contact with us regarding the 1863 Amazon  Shipwreck located near the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club, which has recently become more uncovered due to strong currents & shifting sands.

A team will be in Inverloch in November to research the wreck in more detail.

The Amazon was a Jersey-built three-masted barque, thought to be similar to the one pictured.
(Source: Heritage Victoria)

Amazon is archaeologically significant as a rare example of an international wooden trading ship from the mid-19th century. Amazon is historically significant for its contribution to Victoria’s economy in the 1800s and has the potential to shed light on meat packing and transporting practices from that time. Amazon is a representative example of mid-19th century wooden cargo carriers and while Victoria has a number of iron and steel international cargo carrying shipwrecks, Amazon is rare as the only wooden vessel of this type so far located in Victorian waters.

It is therefore important that the local community ensure that this important site remains undisturbed. This includes any excavation, removing any items and/or disturbing the site.

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History @ The Hub – Our exhibition

Inverloch, but not as we know it…– An article in the ‘Bass Coast Post‘ after visiting our recent exhibition.

Neil’s Inverloch Hotel

From an old postcard, Neil’s Inverloch Hotel pictured in 1908. It sat at the top of A’Beckett St., in Sandy Mount Avenue. It was de-licensed in 1922 and became the Two Views Guesthouse. For many years it was a local landmark & was demolished in 1968.

Historical Fun

Children (and adults too) dining at a cafe in Inverloch can now have some creative fun. The society has produced colouring-in sheets, one side with a historical image from lnverloch’s past and the other a selection of local nature for colouring.

Research & Discover

Whether you are a student, a researcher or a history enthusiast, you can use Victorian Collections to explore well over one hundred thousand objects around the state. Discover hidden gems and uncover unexpected links between Victoria’s distributed collections. Delve into stories of our shared past, hone your research skills or join the conversation.

If you would like our help to research some local history or if you can help us to expand our knowledge, please contact us.


Join us in our vision to promote the movable cultural heritage of Inverloch and the surrounding district.

“Ne transgrediaris terminos antiquos” – Remove not the ancient landmarks

Discover the rich history of Inverloch and the surrounding district.

The area is famous for the discovery of Australia’s first dinosaur bone in 1903. Today there are still regular discoveries of fossils dating from as far back as the Early Cretaceous period (120 million years ago).

Breathtaking Anderson Inlet has been a paradise with a special spiritual significance for residents for many thousands of years.

More recent history contains multiple shipwrecks, including the Amazon on Inverloch’s western shore.


Newsletter #236, August 2018

During August members were heavily engaged in our month-long Exhibition at The Hub in A’Beckett Street. We had many visitors, including children from Grades 5 & 6 at Inverloch & Kongwak Primary School, and achieved a record-breaking attendance of more than 1,000 visitors.  Our members enriched visitors’ experiences by their own attendance at The Hub and we were greatly heartened by the feedback and responses. Praise for our displays was generous and the questions asked were many and varied. As always, visitors added to our knowledge from their own family and life experience at Inverloch.

Visitors continued to ask about our plans for a permanent home for the Society’s collection. Many also asked what has happened to our submission to Bass Coast Shire and are dismayed by our failure to find a solution to this long-standing problem, despite the huge effort by members and widespread support from the town’s residents.

One point needs to be made clear. Under current Victorian legislation and government policy concerning Crown Land, it is permissible to locate a Maritime & History Museum on the land proposed by the Society, indeed there are a number of museums located on similar sites around the state. There is no ban on projects such as ours. So, what we must do is ensure that our planning and communication is exemplary and our submissions to local and state governments are thorough and professional. We aim to deal openly and fairly with any objections raised within the community and to do our best to see a museum added to Inverloch’s cultural, educational and leisure offerings.

In addition to being a significant tourism destination for Victorians, Inverloch is home to over 5,500 people (@ 2016 Census), comprising a full demographic range from retirees to young families—our primary school has 370 children enrolled. We also have business activities across the economic spectrum including retail, professionals, trades and other services, as well as primary producers who face everything that Mother Nature offers.  All of this makes Inverloch a diverse 21st-century community. Add to this mix Inverloch’s fascinating history illustrated, for example, by the reproduction ketch Ripple, the 11 ft. Moth boat (international sailing class, first built @ Inverloch), There is also the wreck of the coastal trader Amazon which is rated by Heritage Victoria as the state’s most significant and ‘at risk’ marine wreck and to be the target of substantial scientific and archaeological field work during November this year.

The Society works towards a triple bottom line of PRESERVATION, EDUCATION & TOURISM. These are serious objectives for us and we believe that most of the community supports our endeavours. To achieve this fully, the Society aims to build a modern multi-purpose building where our collection can be stored, digitised, catalogued, conserved, preserved, researched and displayed to the public.

Many will not be aware that most of the collection resides in members’ homes, sheds, garages etc. While we are grateful for this assistance, these conditions are not conducive to preservation and significantly limit our capacity to work on the collection.

In the short term, the Society needs a large storage space at Inverloch where we can bring the collection together. This need is urgent and so far unmet despite copious investigations.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.

John Hutchinson, President

Inverloch Mechanics Institute c. 1970 (going by the Holden station wagon out front). There was a map of Inverloch above the front entrance doors. The building burnt down in July 1978 and, like almost all of Inverloch’s early buildings, is now lost.

Annual Membership Subscriptions 2018-19

The Society’s financial year having ended on 30 June 2018, membership subscriptions for 2018-19 are now due. The Treasurer and Secretary will be available prior to the AGM from 1.30pm to 2pm on 26th September to receive payments and issue receipts.  Subscriptions are $20 for individuals and $32 for a family.

Annual  Fundraising Raffle

Tickets for our annual fundraising raffle were available at the Hub during our Exhibition—$2 each or three for $5. Two prizes are on offer (first drawn got to choose) – a hamper and a reproduction of the art deco poster advertising land at Inverloch during the 1930s that used to hand in the Rocket Shed.  The raffle was drawn on the last day of the Exhibition.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

I give notice that the annual general meeting of Inverloch Historical Society Inc will commence at 2pm on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at RSL Hall, 15 Bolding Place, Inverloch. The Returning Officer will declare all committee positions vacant during the meeting and the election of the four office bearers and ordinary committee members will follow.

In accordance with the Society’s Rules (Constitution), the number of ordinary (non-office bearer) committee positions will be determined at the annual general meeting before the start of voting.

Please note that:

  • Completed nomination forms are to be in the Returning Officer’s hands at the start of the annual general meeting
  • Nominations may be made from the floor during the meeting
  • A member may be nominated for more than one position
  • Where only one nomination is received for a position, the nominee will be declared elected to that position
  • To be eligible for election a person must be a paid-up member (life members excepted).
  • To be eligible to nominate a member for election and vote at the election, a person must be a paid-up member (life members excepted).

Copies of the Nomination Form (below) will be available before the AGM along with the Agenda and Minutes of the 2017 AGM.

The Society’s monthly general meeting will follow the AGM.

Lynn P Kirk, Secretary

Next Meeting

Wed 24th October 2-4pm @ Inverloch RSL Hall

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Archive of previous newsletters

Archive of previous newsletters

Inverloch’s history on display

The Inverloch Historical Society is continuing to fund-raise to help preserve more than 4000 historical items, with a recent installation at an Inverloch café. On Friday, the owners of Vaughan’s Cafe Deli welcomed the fitting of an old photo of the town on one of their windows.

Part of the installation and printing costs from the work, installed by TNT Explosive Printz, will go to the Society.

The photo reflects a scene of A’Beckett Street in the early 1960s. How can you tell? It’s the old Holden cars that give it away.

Inverloch Historical Society members John Hutchinson (left) & Ray Burtt (right) in front of the recently installed 1962 photo of lnverloch, with Vaughan’s  Café Deli owners Andrew and Agnes Falzon.

“The only building still standing in the photo is the pub,” said John Hutchinson, president of the Inverloch Historical Society.

“One of our members, Ray Burtt, has a lot of experience in cleaning up photos so while it is/an old photo, it’s come up well.”

John said most of the items they’re trying to preserve are made of paper.

“You can’t put everything on a computer,” he said, stressing the importance of raising funds to house some of the collection.

“We don’t keep photos anymore – we’ve got a computer which scans them and then we can give them back.”

Owners of Vaughan’s Café Deli, Agnes and Andrew Falzon, welcomed the installation of the 1962 photo of Inverloch.

“We’re so happy to support the local historical society,” Andrew said. “They’re doing incredible work. Without the volunteers, the area’s history would be lost.”

Do you have some photos of Inverloch? Or maybe some other material? Drop them off to PO Box 46, Inverloch.

You can also give president John Hutchinson a buzz if you have some items or if you’d like to become a member of the society. The more members in the society, the easier it is to prepare exhibitions, including one this August.

Source: South Gippsland Sentinel Times June 13th, 2108

Inverloch 1962. A’Beckett St viewed from Williams St.