Newsletter #201, February 2015


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Guest Speaker

At our next meeting, the guest speaker will be Carol Thorn. She will talk about her early days at Inverloch, and her memories of Pine Lodge.

Fund Raiser

It was decided at one of the final meetings in 2014 that a raffle would be held to raise funds for the Society during the months before Easter. The raffle will be drawn at Easter. We are asking for your support in bringing goods for the hamper as you have done in the past for the Christmas hamper. Please bring the goods to the February meeting where they will be gratefully received.

Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta 2015

The Regatta was again very successful thanks to the hard work put into planning the event by the coordinators, community partners the Lions and”Rotary Clubs the Historical Society, Sponsors and the members of the South Gippsland Yacht Club.

A highlight was the talk given at the Inverloch Community Hub by Jessica Watson OAM, well known sailor and Young Australian of the year 2011. She was introduced by Tom King OAM, Mirror World Champion and, a 470 Olympic Gold,medallist. Her talk was enthralling and enjoyed by all who attended on the night.

Image: Jessica Watson OAM

On January 2nd 1893, when Inverloch was a small and isolated seaside community, an Inverloch Yacht Club conducted a race. Not long afterwards Regatta Days became regular celebrations. Activities included sailing sculling swimming diving and sliding a barrel over the water along a greasy pole.

Iris Earnshaw, a member of the Inverloch Historical Society has been in Hospital and subsequent Rehabilitation since falling while in Melbourne several weeks ago, and breaking her hip. Iris is a much valued member, arid has been an active worker of the Society for most of the Society’s 19 years of existence. She is always willing to take part in any activity, and to do any tasks which are needed for the smooth running of meetings

Iris will celebrate her 95th birthday on March 6th, and so from all her friends, we wish her a happy birthday for that special day and also wish her a steady and successful recovery from for injury. We miss her very much from all the activities we enjoy at I.H.S.

Thank you to the South Gippsland Yacht Club for their recent donation of $120 to Inverloch Historical Society

Moller’s Caravan Park

Moller’s Caravan Park has now closed to make way for a housing development near the foreshore at Inverloch. The sign above the entrance gate is still standing, however it has been acquired for the Historical society to show to future generations. We look forward to the time when we have a place where we can display the many other items collected over the nearly 19 years since the I.H.S. began in the town.

Image: Yacht race in progress on the Inlet.

Image: Welcome sign to Jessica Watson located on the Ripple.

Images: Note from the past: The OId Sea Wall.

Toy’s Backwater

Toy’s Backwater at the bottom of Hopetoun St. and Pier Rd took its name from Allan Toy. It was kept open by the water from a small creek that ran across Pier Rd  from the vicinity of the Pymble Avenue Hill. A local resident has many happy memories of swimming in Toy’ Backwater. Today, a very large drain under the road keeps the drainage water away. Number 29 The Esplanade was once the residence of Alan Toy and it was there where he built and hired boats on the backwater in front of his house.

Anzac Day 2015.

Planning is well underway at Inverloch RSL to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. A number of special events will take place, some will involve our Historical Society. If you have any Memorabilia regarding World War One which could become part of a display, the planning committee would be very grateful. Please contact the R.S.L. or the Inverloch Historical Society.

Editor: Ian McBurnie