Newsletter #225, July 2017



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Our June Inverloch Exhibition

The Official Launch was reported in our last Newsletter Since then we have had an absolutely wonderful response. The actual venue. in the middle display area of the Hub. proved to be a splendid setting, It was an interesting month for the 23 members who assisted in supervision of the display Our total vistors were almost 2,500, an incredible comment on the interest shown Some visitors came from afar. after being encouraged by friends and relations. which included Batemans Bay (in NSW), Bairnsdale and Warragul. Surrounding areas, such as Korumburra, Leongatha and Wonthaggi were well represented Many former residents of lnverloch attended, Our Visitors Book was filled with the most heartwarming comments. Many realizing our difficulties with no official ‘home’ to call our own. Numerous visitors were quite emotionally moved by what they saw, little realizing the amount.,quality and richness of the material the Society has stored in members houses.

Sixteen large photographic black 8: white canvas prints of old Inverloch dominated two walls. Seventy one display cards. showing various topics about lnverloch were greatly appreciated by all visuals. and even some long time residents were taken aback by what they saw.“ A-Frame Display Boards were placed an the streets next to the Hub to let the public know the Exhibition was
there, whilst members had earlier distributed cards advertising our ‘show‘

But the Exhibition had many other pluses:

  1.  We received a large amount of new verbal information about the ‘town’. Many were attracted to the display of old July 10th ‘Weekly Times’ photos from our archives, Many people in the photos were unknown, but by the end of the month, we pretty well knew them all
  2. We attracted donations of historical items. which are greatly appreciated.
  3. This was a real honour. Our members got to know each other better by being at the Exhibition
  4. The behind the scenes hard work of Graham Paterson. in choosing old photos and cleaning them up through the computer, was seen and experienced by our many visitors. Little realizing the kind of long, but steady hard work required in planning such material for exhibition.

Image: Inverloch Society Patron – Eulalie Brewster

The Society has attracted great relevance, importance and interest in the town. Even the Mayor of the Bass Coast Shire Council enthused about our work and importance. Cr Rothfield by the way. is a member of the Phillip Island Historical Society. and is writing a book on the (‘owes cemetery Our local State Member of Parliament Brain Paynter. also enthused greatly, and spoke in strong terms of the importance of societies like ours and the work we do. The most heartwarming of all was written in the Sentinel Times newspaper by the Mayor Cr Pamela Rothfield, in her “Mayor’s Message” – “I know the Inverloch Historical Society is looking for a permanent home, we’ll be doing everything we can to help them find it as soon as possible”. This is most encouraging and the most positive news this Society has had in ages.

Valued Members

All the work the Society does is voluntary. Our own lnverloch community is so reliant on volunteers, because their time and their numerous efforts, enriches our community beyond our imagination. It also lets the sterling volunteers. at times under enormous pressure, to learn new skills and help serve and influence the great mix of people they meet. I say this because ill health in any community group is not new. It strikes markedly and sometimes with force. that the usual volunteers cannot play a full part in their efforts to serve.

As a senior myself and as the current President of this Historical Society, I have to report to you that we have had some of our long time members pass away in the last few months They were the sterling volunteers of yesteryear and we thank them yet again. Currently, we have some members who are not well and I know it irks them to realize they are temporarily ‘grounded’. We hope this is just a passing situation. and that their former energies and enthusiasm will return.

The immediate future?

Following the successful exhibition and the sale of our book “INVERLOCH – A PLACE OF GREAT BEAUTY. TODAY & YESTERDAY”, we have set ourselves on a course of some positive action and direction. We shall be maintaining  contact with our Council and Cr Rothfield, as well as other Councillors, the State Member Brian Paynter and the Federal member Russell Broadbent, with a view to finding a permanent home We step forward to work with our elected representatives with goodwill and a spirit of cooperation.

Apart from the obvious educational direction we head in. we shouldn’t be shy in clearly stating that our permanent existence with permanent displays. is a tourist attraction. People are genuinely interested in what we offer – that has already been proved by the Exhibition and the book We should also be quite clear and proud of the fact that lnverloch does have a history – and what’s more, its darned interesting!

Our lnverloch book is selling well We have sold I over half our stock’ The book will make a fine present. especially for Christmas & birthdays At $20, it is a bargain. Every house in Inverloch should have one on their couch table or bench They are for sale at the Post Office, the lnverloch & Leongatha Newsagencies, the Information Centre and the two Caravan and Camping places in Inverloch.

(Editor: John Hutchinson)