Newsletter #215, July 2016

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Last Meeting

Members were asked to bring to the meeting an item which was significant because of its age, and tell us how it was treasured or used in days gone by. Also they could tell us how they came to live in Inverloch, and why it has a special meaning for them.

Today, it was our 20th Anniversary and so it was celebrated with a special cake made for the occasion. This was cut by our Patron and Life Member Eulalie Brewster. Eulalie told us that Past President Nancye Durham wanted to begin a Historical Society in Inverloch. Nancye spoke with Eulalie Brewster to enquire if such a group or historical society existed in Inverloch. Eulalie indicated that for years she had maintained an Inverloch collection, and has worked with the Woorayl Historical Society; but there is nothing in Inverloch except individual collectors. Nancye decided to pursue the matter further. With support from the Inverloch Probus Club, the Inverloch Historical Society began in July 1996. The first meeting on 26th June 1996 was supported by 31 residents. The Wonthaggi, Woorayl and Royal Historical Groups were advised of the formation and the next step was Incorporation.

Image: Eulalie cutting the 20th Anniversary cake.

Dawn Wangman told us she was born in Wonthaggi, her parents were farmers at Venus Bay and Dawn rode a pony to school. With her own family she moved to Frankston and then back to Inverloch. At her present home in Inverloch she has a large and very colourful Rose garden. Dawn concluded by saying Inverloch is the place to be.

Joan Ginn was born in Tasmania and came to Victoria in 1947. While on a camping trip at Seaspray in 1951, Joan, Len and their two children drove back to Inverloch. In 1954 they built a home in Cuttriss St. and in 1956 they came down to Inverloch to live permanently.

Joan Lehmann, originally didn’t want to live in Inverloch, however, her husband Ken’s health was not good. His doctor suggested they move to Inverloch to assist in Ken’s well being, and so they moved here in 1981.

Joan Horder showed us a Certificate of authenticity regarding a copy of the Sydney Morning Herald, dated Thursday June 16th 1927. It was given to her by her family as a gift for her 89th birthday on June 16th.

John McLean recalled their car becoming bogged in Dixon St. Inverloch in 1989 when it was an unmade Street. John’s father was a manager of the Union Bank in the early 1900’s. John showed us the Travelling eight day clock which his father used, John said was a special memento of his father.

Ian McBurnie displayed a very small compass which belonged to his grandfather, Robert Hayes. It was carried by Ian’s grandfather to the goldfields in Western Australia in the1870’s. He and two of his brothers searched for gold in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie, but without success. He became very ill and when he finally recovered, he returned to his home in Victoria. The compass was over 100 years old.

Shirley Burchett showed a wooden elephant given to her by her brother-in –law. She also recounted the details of a newspaper article which was about a 98 year old man (Shirley’s Father) who was knocked down by a hit and run cyclist. The elderly man commented, “I’ts not good that the cyclist didn’t stop to help me.” Shirley read a poem “A new beginning” by Helen Stainer Rice.

Pauline Kitson had us guessing when she held up a pair of knife and fork rests. They originally belonged to the grandfather of her husband James.

John Hutchinson had a pop-up train book which he displayed. He then produced a 1930 “Decca” gramophone and showed us a variety of record sizes which could be played on the gramophone which included one known as a 10 inch record and a mini disc. John then wound up the gramophone and played several records, one of which featured Dame Nellie Melba on a 78 record singing “Oh for the wings of a dove” and “No place like Home.”

Eulalie Brewster displayed a very old water bag. In days gone by, water bags were sometimes attached to the front of a car to keep the water cool on a hot day. Eulalie also showed us a copy of Black’s Standard Dictionary which was over 100 years old and some patches to repair an aluminium saucepan.

Notes from the last Committee Meeting

The I.H.S. website is in the process of being updated.

The Hub has been booked for a display of our artefacts and other items from our collection in July 2017 to coincide with the 21st Anniversary of the I.H.S.

Secretary Graham has been very busy updating our Constitution, a new standard model has been documented.

Thanks were extended to all who assisted with the recent Raffle by selling tickets in the Arcade and elsewhere. $933 was the final figure, a great effort for this time of year. I believe that the winner came from Porepunkah in North East Victoria.

Congratulations to President Vern Burchett who was recently awarded Life Membership of the Inverloch Historical Society. He joins our present group of Life Members, Eulalie Brewster, Nancye Durham and Mavis Parks.

Image: 20th Anniversary Cake

Editor: Ian McBurnie