Inverloch Estates – Nautilis 1957

This estate, developed in 1957, looks quite different now. All blocks are now built on, and are attractively covered with large gum trees and gardens. Note in the photo promo how the ’estate‘ seems so empty back then with a few houses looking quite ‘naked‘ and no shade in the summer months. Notice also
that the coastline to the lelt has altered. The Esplanade (originally called Beach Rd.) is still a sandy/ dirt road, and there appears in one section to be two parts to the road.

Nautilus Estate 1958

This large real estate development was sold in two releases. The first release was of 197 blocks of land of around 600 sq. metres each. The second release of 33 blocks (seen in the display left), required a deposit of $60, a Payment of $20 per month, with an interest of 6.5% & the balance in 3 years. There was a 10% discount for cash & most blocks sold for $8.00 each.

Note the ‘slick’ promotional statement, with a modicum of truthfulness in it!

“Don‘t forget – opportunity is always more apparent when it has passed. Act now”.

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