At the beach – How to play

When life was tougher, and enjoyment was on a simple level, it can still amaze us how dressed up and covered in their then current fashions, the average person was.

It was a joy to visit the beach, partake in games, usually supported by nearly all the local people.

They were fun times!

Inverloch New Years Carnival – the Greasy Barrel Competition – circa Pre WW1


1930s Inverloch. Beach Rd, now The Esplanade. Baths Coastal RetreatThe bathing fence was a splendid diving & jumping off ‘board’.

Oh what fun at the beach!
Edwardian’s on sports day. Notice the hats of the ladies & gentlemen – 1911.

Notice the safety bathing fence seen in several photos. Again note the costumes & daily clothing.

Bill young’s utility with a fishing party at arch rock. What make of vehicle was it?
Postcard. Beach Bathing Place. Inverloch Valentines 1920’s

All this fun at the beach prior to World War 1. Little did they know what was coming!

Bathing area Inverloch – circa 1930’s

In the late twenties & early thirties. Again, notice the costumes. A little more showing!